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On December 26, 2003, Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Nikky Joe Green gave his life in the line of duty while arresting a methamphetamine cook on a rural county road in Cotton County. The following year Trooper Green’s widow, Linda Green, chose to create a living memory of her husband by establishing the Nikky Joe Green Scholarship Foundation. The foundation awards a $1,000 (one thousand dollar) scholarship to an Oklahoma college or university for the benefit of a Big Pasture, Walters, and Temple High School graduating senior. These students should possess many of the same high standards exemplified by Trooper Green. Trooper Green was a unique individual, and his life will forever be remembered by the following eulogy that is inscribed on his memorial.“Nik was a beloved husband, father, brother, and friend. He was married to Linda and the father of three beautiful daughters, Cortni, Brooklyn, and Morgyn. Nik was devoted to his church, his family, and the belief that everyone can make a difference. Hopefully, sometime during your lifetime, you will come to know someone as caring, resolute, and honorable as Nikky Joe Green.”

To be eligible to receive the scholarship, a student must demonstrate financial need, be of good moral character, actively involved in volunteer work in his or her community, and willing to put the needs of community and family over self. Upon completing the online application, please download the Character Reference form and review the instructions in order to complete the application process.

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